MEN CPA Softball Champs!

This summer marked the first year of the Moore, Ellrich & Neal, P.A. softball team.  ME&N employees joined by local colleagues comprised the team in the City of Palm Beach Gardens Men’s Softball League.

Friends, Family and coworkers came out to support the team through a successful season of 10 wins and 2 losses overall.  MENCPA brought the summer to a close last week winning the championship game 19 to 16.  Win or lose it is safe to say a great time was had by everyone, but it is certainly nice winning!

Congratulations Team!


(Left to right) Andrew Karmeris, Ryan Wisneski, Andy Mee, Matt Baran, Derek Sejnoha, Dane Wisneski, Matt James, Dan Dunham, Matt Smith, Steve Walker, Keith Gardere, John Ellrich, and Danny Soltice



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