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Wealth Management Services

We are proud to introduce our Wealth Management Services Department. It is our goal to simplify the lifestyles of high-net worth families by offering a variety of personal services to help you identify and meet your financial and lifestyle goals. Our services allow you to maximize the benefit of your wealth.

Cash Flow Management

It is critical to have a firm grasp of one’s financial situation; even the wealthy can experience times of strict cash flow. Our Family Services Practice offers personally-catered accounting solutions including bill payment, bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll management, and expense history. We maintain detailed general ledgers and reconcile bank, brokerage, and investment accounts for cash flow analysis and projections. We can help you create, maintain, and modify budgets on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis to help achieve your goals.

"It is critical to have a firm grasp of one’s financial situation; even the wealthy can experience times of strict cash flow."

Wealth Management

Our firm outsources financial advisory, planning, and management services to Poinciana Advisory Group, an award-winning wealth management firm who specializes in identifying your long-term goals and developing strategies to help you accomplish them. We can also work hand-in-hand with your existing financial advisers to help develop and accomplish your financial goals.

Tax Planning & Compliance

For high-net worth individuals and families, developing short and long-term strategies to reduce tax liability while maintaining compliance is essential. The accounting staff at Smith, Stohlman, James & Gardere, P.A. are experts in various areas of tax law. We constantly review new legislation to help create strategies to minimize your tax burden. We also prepare federal, state, business, and individual income tax returns as well as assists with planning income tax projections to determine your quarterly estimated tax payments.

Lifestyle Solutions

We work diligently with all clients to help create solutions that best serve to make aspects of your life more convenient. We constantly strive to improve your quality of life. Our office handles paperwork such as the preparation or review of applications and maintains a network of other professional affiliations to refer services, including: business law consultants, estate planning attorneys, forensic and fraud accountants, insurance service providers, and other professional services.

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