Lessons Learned from the Enron Scandal

enron towers

What Was the Enron Scandal? At one point in history, Enron was one of the most powerful companies in the United States. The Houston, Texas based energy company was applauded for its expansions and ambitious projects, earning the title of “America’s Most Innovative Company” by Fortune for six consecutive years between 1996 and 2001. In…

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Protecting Your Business from Fraud with Proper IT

it security

No company, big or small, is completely immune from cyber security threats. This current day and age, marked by the booming popularity of e-commerce, means that business owners and individuals rely on computers for everyday communication, sales, banking and more. Unfortunately, fraud can hit small businesses much harder than large corporations. According to the Association…

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Fraud Detection and Prevention for Small Businesses

Fraud-related Engagements

Any business, no matter the size or scope, has a potential risk of fraud. In fact, according to the Association for Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), small businesses are actually the most vulnerable to fraud. According to a study published in 2002, the smallest business organizations, those with less than 100 employees, has the highest levels…

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Strategies to Prevent Small Business Fraud

fraud prevention

While business fraud is prevalent amongst companies of all sizes, larger organizations are less susceptible to fraud compared to small and mid-sized businesses. On top of that, small and mid-sized businesses have a much tougher time recovering from fraud compared to large organizations. In fact, the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) conducted a recent…

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The Cost of Fraud on a Global Scale

global fraud

In today’s financial landscape, the economic effects of fraud across the world is monumental. While there have been massive developments in new tools to counter fraud, particularly in the last two decades, the presence of corruption in the corporate world is still pervasive. In fact, new reports suggest that fraud is currently at an all-time…

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