The Capacity for Fraud Amidst a Pandemic

Worried executive

In times of crisis and economic downturn, fraud tends to run rampant. Since COVID-19 began, the combination of health and financial threats laid the foundation for opportunistic fraudsters, those people who are looking to take advantage of a vulnerable market and a vulnerable population. From the global economy to individual lives, the pandemic has had…

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New Forensic Accounting Landscape Amid a Pandemic

COVID-19 and Forensic Accounting

COVID-19 has presented challenges in every industry, in every country, throughout the world. As businesses and markets attempt to keep up with the inevitable and constant changes plaguing the globe, there are some clear winners and losers. Forensic accounting is one segment that is often benefitted during an economic downturn. With jobs scarce, markets disrupted,…

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Understanding Valuations During COVID-19

business valuation

The coronavirus pandemic has given business owners and entrepreneurs a different perspective on how to navigate the “new normal” of business relations. As uncertainty and volatility continue to plague business dealings of all kinds, many wonder where business valuations fall into the mix. Financial markets and the global economy have undoubtedly suffered, so understanding the…

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