Top 8 Most Expensive Divorces in History

most expensive divorces

Marriages do not always work out. And when a marriage takes place in the public eye, the ensuing divorce often becomes a spectacle. The public is fascinated by massive divorce settlements of well-known and powerful people. Rumors, cheating, criminal activity, plastic surgery, and money… the most historically lucrative divorce settlements involve all of the above.…

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How is Divorce Different with a High Net Worth Couple?

Rich Woman Walking Towards Private Jet At Airport Terminal

While every divorce is different and comes with its own challenges, there are often many extra obstacles for couples with a high net worth. On top of an emotionally and financially taxing process, high net worth couples usually have higher stakes involved, with more to gain or lose. With more assets involved, divorce proceedings usually…

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Après Divorce Financial Planning

Après Divorce Financial Planning

Your divorce if over, the ink is dry on your settlement agreement or final judgement, as the case maybe.  Now begins the picking up of the financial pieces.  As a family, your financial status was fairly affluent.  There was the large marital home, the vacation home, retirement accounts and savings/investment accounts.  There is a successful…

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9 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Divorce

Unhappy young couple visiting divorce lawyer in office

America’s divorce rate is already about 50 percent, but what does that number look like during and after this pandemic? From quarantining together to monetary stresses, a lot of couple are struggling to survive the coronavirus with their partners. The trouble, many are saying, is that planning a divorce when you are together virtually every…

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Avoiding These 9 Common Divorce Mistakes

divorce mistakes

The end of a marriage is difficult for everyone. From splitting up a family to splitting up everything else that goes along with shifting from one household to two, things tend to get a bit messy. Divorce experts often say that if both parties involved come out of the dissolution of the marriage thinking that…

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Adding a Forensic Accountant to Your Divorce Team

forensic accounting

In the United States, a divorce occurs every 13 seconds. Unfortunately, that seemingly shocking statistic likely surprises very few people. When you think about divorce you probably associate it with words like “messy”, “stressful”, and “sad”. But what makes a divorce so messy? Sure, there are loads of emotional aspects to a messy divorce, yet…

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Should I Hire a Forensic Accountant for My Divorce?


Finances play a major role in both the beginning and, if applicable, the end of a marriage. When a couple makes the decision to split up, determining how to divide the marital property is by and far the most complicated, critical aspect. The accumulation of assets and debts throughout the duration of a marriage lays…

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The Undisputed Value of an Expert Witness

Expert Witness

A lawsuit of any nature is built upon facts and each side’s ability to present those facts in a convincing manner. When the facts involved in a lawsuit are particularly complex or difficult to understand, an expert witness is often called upon to lend their acute knowledge of the subject matter. From education to experience…

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Business Valuation in Divorce

business valuation in divorce

When a couple decides to get a divorce, there are a wide range of financial factors that will come into play while dividing marital assets. Equitable distribution refers to the division of assets and liabilities during the divorce process. All of these financial figures will be based on the fair market value at the time…

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19 Reasons You May Need a Forensic Accountant

Accounting, budget, price.

From finance to business to legal issues, the role of a forensic accountant stretches further than many people realize. Sure, the $360 billion hit the economy takes each year due to corporate fraud gets most of the attention, but the reality is that forensic accounting weaves its way into a plethora of situations. Forensic accountants…

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