Overwhelmed IRS Braces for 2022 Tax Season

tax season

The pandemic has hit the IRS hard over the last couple of years. From budget cuts to staff shortages, the 2020 and 2021 backlog of returns means that the IRS will face a major uphill battle this tax season. According to the National Taxpayer Advocate’s report to Congress, there are massive processing issues happening. Erin…

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Crypto Tax Reporting and the New Infrastructure Bill


With cryptocurrency on the rise, even invading the NBA with the rename of the Staples Center to Crypto.com Arena, the use of cryptocurrencies are becoming commonplace in lives of Americans. Cryptocurrency, or just a digital currency that can be used to buy goods and services, has created a need for new rules and regulations for…

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Why Would I Need IRS Representation?


No business owner wants to receive an IRS audit letter. From panic to fear, IRS audits elicit an immediate reaction from even the most by-the-book business owners. The harsh reality is that anyone can receive an IRS audit letter, regardless of how comprehensive the business’s accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, and tax preparation may be. Whether…

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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid This Tax Season

Tax Audit

An unfortunate combination of the government shutdown and the usual millions of tax returns needed to be processed has resulted in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scrambling to get things back in order. Now that the IRS has reopened, its employees are working diligently to resume their regular operations. On January 28th, the IRS opened…

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Tax-Related Identity Theft

tax-related identity theft

Tax season is here and, unfortunately, that means identity theft is something that everyone should be aware of and ready to prevent. Tax-related identity theft has been rising over the last several years and is forecasted to continue. As such, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has implemented a variety of measures to arm taxpayers with…

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11 Common Tax Filing Mistakes

tax papers with crumpled paper, pen and calculator

The late John Wooden once said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen”. While a college basketball coach (who happens to rank first in NCAA Division I Men’s Final Four appearances) may seem irrelevant to filing taxes, the truth is that paying meticulous attention to detail is absolutely critical…

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7 Actions That Could Get You Audited By the IRS


Contrary to popular belief, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) seldom audits taxpayers. In fact, only about 1 percent of all tax returns processed are subject to an IRS audit. However, it is interesting to note that historically wealthier individuals and the most successful of businesses are more likely to get audited, compared to low to…

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Tax Preparation for a Smooth Tax Filing Season

tax forms

Mark Twain once said, “I shall never use profanity except in discussing house rent and taxes.” Expletives aside, paying taxes is stressful to everybody, no matter what specific financial situation one might find themselves in. Almost always met with frustration, stress, and scrambling, tax filing season is something that everyone dreads. The majority of the…

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IRS Offers Tax Relief for Hurricane Victims

Hurricane Irma

Florida residents who were victims of Hurricane Irma will now have an extended tax deadline. This week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that people in parts of Florida and elsewhere who have suffered during Hurricane Irma will now have until January 31, 2018 to file certain business and individual tax returns as well as…

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