Valuations, Tax Court, and Michael Jackson’s Estate

Michael Jackson’s Estate

The estate of the “King of Pop”, the late Michael Jackson, was part of one of the most anticipated United States Tax Court decisions in recent memory. In a 271 page opinion, Estate of Michael Jackson v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 2021-48, the court sided with Jackson’s estate, offering a big blow to the IRS. The…

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Does It Makes Sense to Be Charitable for Tax Purposes?

charity donation

The act of giving to charity is something has been at the forefront of many American’s minds lately. From dealing with the pandemic fallout to grappling with the social issues that have plagued the nation, thinking about those struggling often inspires giving. COVID-19 has had a major impact on the country, and of course the…

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Are You Ready to File Your 2019 Taxes?

tax season

Tax season is just a couple of weeks away and that means that it is time for taxpayers to start preparing. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has officially announced that come Monday, January 27, 2020, they will be ready to process 2019 tax returns. Tax filers must file by the April 15th deadline and should…

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The Value of Tax Planning for a New Business

Tax Planning

Over 600,000 new businesses are formed each and every year. Whether financed with personal funds, bank loans, or even borrowing from family and friends, starting a business is no easy feat. The success of new businesses varies significantly with fluctuations in the economy, but there are certain inevitabilities that remain. From raising money to developing…

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Why Would I Need IRS Representation?


No business owner wants to receive an IRS audit letter. From panic to fear, IRS audits elicit an immediate reaction from even the most by-the-book business owners. The harsh reality is that anyone can receive an IRS audit letter, regardless of how comprehensive the business’s accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, and tax preparation may be. Whether…

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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid This Tax Season

Tax Audit

An unfortunate combination of the government shutdown and the usual millions of tax returns needed to be processed has resulted in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scrambling to get things back in order. Now that the IRS has reopened, its employees are working diligently to resume their regular operations. On January 28th, the IRS opened…

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10 Tax Deductions Disappearing in 2018

Tax Reform

Most people are aware that when the tax reform bill came into law (the Tax Jobs and Cuts Act of 2017) a lot of changes were on the horizon. However, many are still largely unaware of the specifics regarding those changes and how they will impact both individuals and corporations. As the tax-related provisions were…

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Tax-Related Identity Theft

tax-related identity theft

Tax season is here and, unfortunately, that means identity theft is something that everyone should be aware of and ready to prevent. Tax-related identity theft has been rising over the last several years and is forecasted to continue. As such, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has implemented a variety of measures to arm taxpayers with…

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