7 Critical Things to Know Before Seeking a Business Valuation

business valuation

An organization will conduct a business valuation for all kinds of reasons. In fact, many experts recommend doing an assessment of company’s value on an annual basis. The reality is that knowing the value of a business with regard to its actual worth, in relation to its market competition, and understanding its asset and income…

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8 Things to Know About Business Valuations

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From asset values to income values and from market competition to knowing your company’s worth, getting a business valuation is beneficial for a wide variety of reasons. Business owners often get caught up in the day-to-day of running their company and neglect to look at their organization from a different perspective. In fact, far too…

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Making Our Mark in Miami

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Ellrich, Neal, Smith & Stohlman, P.A. opened our Miami office last summer and we are proud to announce that over the last year we have truly established ourselves in Florida’s most thriving city. Located in the heart of downtown Miami, our forensic accounting firm serves clientele from all walks of life. With Miami’s eclectic population,…

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Hiring a Business Valuation Expert

Business Valuation

Conducting a thorough valuation of a business or other enterprise is critical to successful results. All too often, business valuation “experts” use a simple rule-of-thumb formula to do so, but this can lead to critical errors and misinformation. As such, the process of conducting a valuation of a closely-held business requires a comprehensive look at…

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Factors in Choosing an Accounting Firm for Your Business

Business Meeting

Choosing the right accounting firm can make or break an organization. For small businesses, using accounting software like QuickBooks or Quicken may seem like the logical solution. However, as public and private companies expand, the need for the right accountant or accounting firm becomes indispensable. While every company’s needs are different, far too many organizations…

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The Steps to Become a CPA

The title of a certified public accountant, or CPA, is one that many view as having a great deal of competence, experience, and being a trusted business advisor. This is due to the fact that becoming a licensed CPA requires the individual to possess these characteristics. There are 3 essential steps to become a licensed…

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Factors Affecting the Size of the S-Corporation Premium

S-Corporations offer unique income tax advantages relative to otherwise identical C-Corporations. The two primary income tax advantages include avoidance of the dividend tax and the ability to utilize undistributed profit to step-up an investor’s income tax basis. These two income tax benefits can result in substantial cash flow savings at the investor level relative to…

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Joshua Angell Named ASA Accredited Senior Appraiser

The American Society of Appraiser’s International Board of Examiners proudly advances Joshua Angell, CFA, to Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA). This high honor speaks to Joshua’s commitment to excellence in professionalism, standard of ethics, and continual education. The requirements established by the American Society of Appraisers confirm Joshua’s dedication to tenaciously build upon his knowledge foundation…

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