Inside the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank

bank collapse

On March 10, 2023, the banking industry was rocked by the collapse of two major institutions: Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank. SVB, once ranked as the 16th largest bank in the United States, made history as the second-largest bank to fail in the country. Its investments in long-term bonds at the wrong time…

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Business Valuations for Public vs Non-Public Companies

Teamwork process, Business team colleague presenting and showing graph on tablet and clipboard at workplace in office. brainstorming, discussing, meeting

For both public and non-public companies, a business valuation indicates how much that company is worth according to the market, which includes market participants and investors. However, a public company has shares that are traded on the stock exchange and the shares for a private, or non-public company, are not. This is a crucial differentiation…

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9 of the Biggest Financial Crimes in History

Business investment scam concept

Financial crimes range from fraud to money laundering, from insider dealing and market abuse to corruption and bribery, and from electronic crime to terrorist financing. While financial crimes have always been a global threat, the last few decades have unearthed just how impactful these crimes can be on the global economy and its stability. Ponzi…

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Forensic Accounting Explained

forensic accountant

Unfortunately, fraudulent activity among businesses has experience a steady increase in the past few years.  With the increasing power and connectivity of the internet, it seems to be easier than ever to experience fraud. The Global Fraud and Identity Report from 2018 reported that 33% of businesses experienced more fraud losses than they did in…

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Cash Flow Management for Small Businesses

Cash flow management

Small businesses today must be extremely mindful about their cash position. If the last several months have taught us anything, it is has reminded us that the state of the economy can change quickly. While no one could have predicted the coronavirus pandemic, small businesses who have a strong handle on cash flow management were…

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Industries Hit Hardest from Coronavirus

business and coronavirus

From layoffs to furloughs and from temporary closings to permanent shutdowns, COVID-19 has impacted virtually every single industry under the sun. It’s no secret that economic growth worldwide has plunged significantly. In the United States, business owners have had to pull rabbits out of their hats left and right in order to keep their businesses…

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Keeping Your Business Afloat Amid COVID-19

emergency business plan

COVID-19 has made a major dent in the global economy and the long-term business fallout is inevitable. For many small businesses, the coronavirus means they must close their doors entirely, even if temporarily. For others, it means scaling back significantly and making unfortunate cuts to salaries, workforce, and more. Owners of small- and medium-sized businesses…

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Coronavirus and Its Impact on Valuations and IPOs


The coronavirus outbreak has made a major impact on the stock market. Experts have pointed to fears that the market will remain struggling for some time, even after the virus is properly contained. So, how does this impact valuations and IPOs today, tomorrow, and even months from now? First and foremost, it is important to…

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Looking Past Financials to Gauge the Status of Your Business

KPI - Key performance indicator. Business process efficiency improvement.

From balance sheets to income statements and from cash flows to retained earnings, financial statements are essential to any entity. Evaluating financial activities means using these financial statements to unveil where a company is, how it compares to past successes, and possibly where it has the capacity to go in the future. As a business…

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Budget Analysis and Your Small Business

budget analysis

Budgeting is something that most adults take into account when making financial decisions. From a personal perspective, creating a budget is practical and commonplace. So, should the approach to budgeting differ at all as it relates to a business? How important is a budget to a company’s overall functionality? And are financial forecasting and budgeting…

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