Top 8 Most Expensive Divorces in History

most expensive divorces

Marriages do not always work out. And when a marriage takes place in the public eye, the ensuing divorce often becomes a spectacle. The public is fascinated by massive divorce settlements of well-known and powerful people. Rumors, cheating, criminal activity, plastic surgery, and money… the most historically lucrative divorce settlements involve all of the above.…

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What is Forensic Accounting?

forensic accounting

Forensic accounting is an industry understood by few, but with the massive increase in fraud (and divorces) over the last two decades, forensic accountants have gotten busier and busier. The internet has given scammers the tools to commit fraud at a much more rapid rate. Plus, the pandemic has produced even more divorces than in…

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Corporate Fraud Spike is Inevitable

corporate fraud

From financial statement fraud to cybercrimes, and many other types of fraud in between, 2021 and beyond is likely to see a rise in fraud reaching nearly every industry. The pandemic has laid the foundation for fraud to run rampant, creating an environment where fraudulent activity will increase due to a number of major factors:…

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Valuations for Distressed Companies

distressed company

While every business valuation is different, struggling businesses do face unique challenges during the evaluation process. There is no one magic formula to decide the value of a company, these numbers are based on both qualitative and quantitative factors, which is further complicated by a failing company. A distressed company is defined by the inability…

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Most Common Types of Financial Crimes in the U.S.

financial crimes

In a broad sense, a financial crime is defined as any type of crime that results in financial benefit to the criminal(s) involved. Financial crimes are carried out by organizations or individuals who seek economic advancement via illegal tactics. Regulatory bodies throughout the world are constantly developing new strategies to fight financial crimes, but the…

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Fraud Prevention Strategies for Your Business

fraud prevention

While it may seem counterintuitive, small and medium sized businesses are far more exposed to the prospect of fraud than large organizations. Approximately 5 percent of annual revenue is lost to internal fraud each year, according to research from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Unfortunately, many businesses focus their fraud prevention efforts on…

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Why Are Expert Witnesses Important?

expert witness

When representing a case, the attorneys have no say who they can use as a witness, as relevant witnesses are ones who were at the scene of the crime or have useful information. However, when consulting an expert witness, attorneys can choose a person with key knowledge that can help them in a case. An…

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How is Divorce Different with a High Net Worth Couple?

Rich Woman Walking Towards Private Jet At Airport Terminal

While every divorce is different and comes with its own challenges, there are often many extra obstacles for couples with a high net worth. On top of an emotionally and financially taxing process, high net worth couples usually have higher stakes involved, with more to gain or lose. With more assets involved, divorce proceedings usually…

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Après Divorce Financial Planning

Après Divorce Financial Planning

Your divorce if over, the ink is dry on your settlement agreement or final judgement, as the case maybe.  Now begins the picking up of the financial pieces.  As a family, your financial status was fairly affluent.  There was the large marital home, the vacation home, retirement accounts and savings/investment accounts.  There is a successful…

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New Forensic Accounting Landscape Amid a Pandemic

COVID-19 and Forensic Accounting

COVID-19 has presented challenges in every industry, in every country, throughout the world. As businesses and markets attempt to keep up with the inevitable and constant changes plaguing the globe, there are some clear winners and losers. Forensic accounting is one segment that is often benefitted during an economic downturn. With jobs scarce, markets disrupted,…

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