Why Are Expert Witnesses Important?

expert witness

When representing a case, the attorneys have no say who they can use as a witness, as relevant witnesses are ones who were at the scene of the crime or have useful information. However, when consulting an expert witness, attorneys can choose a person with key knowledge that can help them in a case.

An expert witness is an individual who is permitted to testify in a trial because they have a specialized skill set or knowledge that can assist the jury in making sense of the case and help them reach a verdict. According to the Federal Rule of Evidence, an expert witness must be qualified, reliable, helpful, and use foundational evidence provided by the case. Information from an expert witness can tremendously influence the jury and may be the deciding factor in a case.

Here are some reasons why expert witnesses are important:

Expert Witness Are Impartial and Unbiased

Expert witnesses have no skin in the game, and their sole purpose is to relay the facts of the case. The Daubert Standard when choosing an expert witness ensures that any expert who takes the stand bases their information on specialized knowledge that can be evaluated independently.

This standard of objectivity Allows expert witnesses to serve as intermediaries that can help the jury understand the facts and reality of the case. This expert witness is not offering their personal opinion on the matter, but rather explaining why certain facts may be relevant. Expert witnesses use their experience in the relevant field to help the jury understand complex information and provide a sense of credibility.

Expert Witness Can Help Settle Cases Faster

Often times, having an expert witness testify for a case will help prevent the settlement for dragging on for months or even years. The presence of an expert can significantly help the jury evaluate the facts of the case and lead them to make a decision faster.

Expert Witness Utilize Practical Court Experience

Many expert witnesses have a multitude of experiences of presenting facts in a case. More likely than not, it will not be the first time an expert has testified in front of a jury, which means they often have a good understanding on how to explain complex jargon and summarize their main points in a way that’s easy to understand. This experience is crucial in helping present the facts of the case to the jury.

Expert witnesses can greatly benefit a trial. When Choosing an expert witness, it’s vital to consider things like their professional experience and track record, any history of court testimony and similar cases, active participation in the field, and their current credentials.