IPO Watch List for 2022

IPO 2022

With significant rounds of fundraising over the last 10+ years, the market is bracing itself for a massive wave of IPOs. This wave is the result, in part, to the last decade of trillions of venture capital dollars directed to startups. Ernst & Young noted that 2021 gave us the highest yearly deal volume ever,…

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A Deeper Look Inside the IPO Process


In 2018, the median IPO deal in the United States was $108 million. Globally, Hong Kong leads the ranks as the country with most company IPOs. Taking a company public is arguably one of the most challenging and laborious processes in the business world. Dependent upon the size of the company, the IPO process can…

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Biggest and Most Impactful IPOs of All-Time

IPO (Initial Public Offering)

An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the first sale of stock that a company issues to the public, officially taking them from a private company to a public company. In the current world of tech giants, IPOs have seen a notable transition. In the 1990s the dot-com era had IPOs running rampant, but the…

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