How Accounting Technology is Shaping the Audit

audits and technology

The adoption of technology into accounting has had an interesting journey. While some were hesitant at first, it is clear that data analytics and sophisticated technology is imperative for firms and practitioners throughout the country. The reality is the digital tools have transformed the approach to accounting, making firms more efficient, accurate, and compliant. The…

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Keeping Your Business Afloat Amid COVID-19

emergency business plan

COVID-19 has made a major dent in the global economy and the long-term business fallout is inevitable. For many small businesses, the coronavirus means they must close their doors entirely, even if temporarily. For others, it means scaling back significantly and making unfortunate cuts to salaries, workforce, and more. Owners of small- and medium-sized businesses…

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Technology’s Role in Transforming Accounting


From artificial intelligence to robotic process automation to blockchain, technology has seen a greater shift in the last decade than ever before. Big data has trickled its way into nearly every industry in the world and its impact has been profound. Sure, those facets of technology may seem irrelevant to accounting, but they are actually…

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Protecting Your Business Against Cyber Threats

Cyber security

In 2018 and moving forward, cyber risk is undoubtedly amongst your company’s most prominent threats. On top of the fact that cybercrimes are rising, the changing landscape of their nature makes combating these threats exceedingly challenging. In fact, strategies to protect against cyber threats are considerably different than they were just a few short years…

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Robotic Process Automation and the Future of Accounting

robotic process automation

Accountants have relied on calculators for over a century, underlining the important of technology’s role in reducing errors and streamlining financial reporting. So, it’s no surprise that the advancement of technology is trending towards a virtual workforce. As progressive software and robots trickle their way into our daily lives, the reality is setting in that…

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Technology Trends in the Accounting Industry

business fraud

Technology has a way to infiltrating almost everything in today’s modern world. While sometimes frustrating, the truth is that companies who fail maintain a finger on the pulse of technology trends end up losing out in the long-run. The accounting industry, while always remaining true to its roots, inevitably falls into the same trap. Many…

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