ENSS Hires New Valuation Analyst in Business Valuation Department

Matthew Cornell Headshot

The Business Valuation Department at Ellrich, Neal, Smith & Stohlman, P.A. is thrilled to announce the hiring of a new Valuation Analyst, Matthew Cornell. With a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute School of Engineering and a Master of Science in Finance from Georgetown University, Matthew brings a wealth of knowledge to the firm.

The Business Valuation Department is growing as we continue to add to our impressive team of trained valuation analysts. Matthew’s technical skills range significantly, most notably including:

  • Advanced financial modeling
  • Comparative valuation/comps analysis
  • Discounted cash flow and net present value analysis
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Project management
  • Market research

Matthew previously worked as a Quality Laboratory Manager at PCE Americas Calibration Lab. It was there where he founded and operated the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited lab for the American branch of PCE Instruments Inc. The ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited lab added $100,000 in revenue annually at a 20 percent margin. Highlighting Matthew’s expertise, his time as a Quality Laboratory Manager lays the foundation for a bright future at Ellrich, Neal, Smith & Stohlman, P.A.

Successful results often hinge on the most trustworthy, thorough valuation of a business or other enterprise. That is why we emphasize continuing education and professional depth among our shareholders and staff. We are mindful of the complexities and nuances in valuing closely-held businesses, and bring our expertise to bear in each business valuation engagement.

The valuation of a closely-held business requires more than the application of a simple rule-of-thumb formula. All aspects of the subject company need to be considered as well as consideration of economic, industry and other outside factors that may increase or decrease the value of the entity. Matthew is well-equipped to enhance our prestigious Business Valuation Department and we are excited to see where he takes our firm.

Welcome to the team, Matthew!