The OFE’s Role in Combating Tax Fraud


When it comes to the IRS, tax fraud is one of its biggest and most urgent concerns. Launched in 2020, the IRS established the Office of Fraud Enforcement (OFE) is order to focus more strategically on combating tax fraud. Fraud detection has long troubled the IRS, so the OFE serves to “promote compliance by strengthening…

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Why Are Expert Witnesses Important?

expert witness

When representing a case, the attorneys have no say who they can use as a witness, as relevant witnesses are ones who were at the scene of the crime or have useful information. However, when consulting an expert witness, attorneys can choose a person with key knowledge that can help them in a case. An…

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Fraud Detection and Prevention for Small Businesses

Fraud-related Engagements

Any business, no matter the size or scope, has a potential risk of fraud. In fact, according to the Association for Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), small businesses are actually the most vulnerable to fraud. According to a study published in 2002, the smallest business organizations, those with less than 100 employees, has the highest levels…

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Strategies to Prevent Small Business Fraud

fraud prevention

While business fraud is prevalent amongst companies of all sizes, larger organizations are less susceptible to fraud compared to small and mid-sized businesses. On top of that, small and mid-sized businesses have a much tougher time recovering from fraud compared to large organizations. In fact, the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) conducted a recent…

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9 Most Common Types of Business Fraud

Business Fraud

Business owners handle headaches that come in many forms – from staffing issues to internal strategy and from competitive climate to external market trends, the list is seemingly never-ending. One headache that a business owner hopes to never deal with is fraud. Unfortunately, business fraud is far more common than many entrepreneurs imagine. While the…

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